Use this page to find the schools latest Covid 19 protocols....

Return to School Form

If your child is returning to school after ANY illness, please click on the link and fill in the attached Return to School Form.



Children may put their lunch box, drink and coat into their school bag and bring it to school . Please don't bring anything else from home unless agreed with the class teacher first.

NO gum shields or tin whistles until further notice

NO hand sanitizer to be brought to school

Finish times

Junior/Senior Infants 2pm

First to Sixth Class Walkers 3:05pm

First to Sixth Class Car Collection 3:15pm

These times are until further notice


Now that school has reopened please DO NOT email or text your class teacher or SNA directly.

All correspondence is now through the school email ( and will be forwarded to the relevant teacher.

All personal numbers will now be blocked.


If you have travelled to a country on the red list your child cannot return to school for 14 days following your return as per government guidelines.

When to keep your child at home and phone your GP

Do not send your child to school or childcare if any of the following is true.

Your child has

- A temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or more

- Any other common symptoms of coronavirus such as a new cough, loss or changed sense of taste or smell, or shortness of breath

- Been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus

- Been living with someone who is unwell and may have coronavirus


Healthy Lunch Policy
  • We promote healthy eating habits so we ask that you do not put fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate spread, sweets etc. into lunch boxes.
  • Please peel fruit for your child before putting it in his/her lunch box if your child is unable to do this by his/herself. 
  • Please use a reusable drink bottle rather than carton / Capri-sun, as we are a “Green-School” and want to cut down on waste.
  • Please ensure your child's name is marked on all lunch boxes and bottles.   
Books and Copies
  • Books, copies and pencil cases etc. to be brought to school in a disposable bag on the the first day back.
  • All books and pencil cases will be kept in school for the foreseeable future.
  • Uniform will still be required but P.E. will be done twice a week to facilitate washing uniforms.
Upset Child
  • If your child is upset, please step back with your child, allow the class to go in, settle your child and a member of staff will be there to assist you
  • Parents will not be allowed in to the school building.
School Access
  • Please do not approach a teacher in the yard. Access to the school/staff is strictly by appointment. 
  • School gate will be locked at lunchtime to facilitate social distancing on yard. There will be absolutely no access to the school at this time.
When Your Child Is Unwell
  • If your child is unwell, keep them at home.
  • If your child becomes unwell in school/shows Covid symptoms, they will be given a mask to wear, brought to a designated room and you will be called immediately.
  • Please ensure your emergency contact details are up to date. These cannot be parents.
Break Times
  • Please remind your child that they can only play with their own class.
  • Separate yard zones will be allocated for each class.
  • No footballs/toys etc to be brought to school. 
Opening Times
  • Children will not be permitted to enter the school grounds before allotted time......
  • 9:30am - 1st to 6th Class. Strictly no access (unless accompanying an infant)
  • before 9:30am.
  • 9:15am - Infants Strictly no access before 9:15am.
  • Arrival at school
  • As many pupils as possible walk or cycle to school.
  • Parents to drop children at school gate. (exception: infants, special needs children) 
  • Parents who are driving are to drop and go. Strictly no congregating.
  • Children to proceed to their allocated zone directly (refer to zones below.)
  • Please maintain social distance.
  • Parents are not permitted to gather at the school gates.
  • Infants: Parents permitted to stand with infants ensuring social distancing.

Zone 1: Infants - 2nd Class

Junior Infants: Red // Senior Infants: Yellow

Senior I & 1st Class: Blue // 1st Class: Pink // 2nd Class: Orange 

Zone 2: 2nd, 4th & 6th Class

2nd Class: Yellow // 6th Class: Blue // 4th Class: Red

Zone 3: 3rd & 5th Class

3rd Class: Mrs. L'Estrange: Red // 3rd Class: Mrs. Briody: Red

5th Class: Mr Ward: Yellow

  • Infant Departure
  • Junior and Senior Infants: 2:00pm.
  • (Juniors depart @ 12:15pm - Thursday 27th & Monday 31st - Friday 11th.)
  • All infant parents to line up at Zone 1. Please maintain social distancing.

  • 1st - 6th Departure 
  • 3:05pm: All children who are walking or cycling will depart.
  • Siblings who are walking together will meet at prearranged marking in zone 1.
  • (Prearranged meeting point will be organised by class teacher during school.)
  • 3:15pm: Collection time for parents who are picking up their children. Children will be led out by class teacher, parents to line up on markings in zone 1. 
  • Parents do not line up before 3:15pm. 
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